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The Bible is God’s message to the world for all times

The Bible is our guideline for life, and our final authority. Its teaching is just as relevant today as when it was first written.

We try to model what we believe and do, upon what the Bible says, not subtracting from, or adding to what it says.

We are committed to clear Biblical teaching aimed at producing disciples who are wholehearted followers of Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit reveals Jesus to us, and enables us to become Christians. He is involved daily with our hopes and dreams, anxieties and fears, difficulties and decisions.

When we become Christians God wants to fill us with the Holy Spirit – helping us to become more like Jesus, teaching, equipping and enabling us to represent Him at home, in the community and across the earth.

We are committed to being filled with God’s Holy Spirit, and bringing believers into a genuine life in the Spirit, seeking the power, fruit and gifts of the Spirit in every area of life.

Word (Bible) and Spirit (Holy Spirit)

Apostolic and Prophetic Foundations

The New Testament principle is that Christian churches come into being because God has spoken (prophecy), and by the activity of Apostles (men gifted and sent by God), to initiate and then oversee the church.

We are a self-governing church, but highly value the wisdom and input from ‘Ephesians 4’ Ministries (Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors & Teachers), who help to guide and strengthen the church.


All Christians have received God’s Grace – the free gift of a new life achieved through Jesus’ death on the cross, and not by any merit or achievement  of our own.

We aim to be a grace-filled community who extend God’s mercy and acceptance to all, irrespective of culture, background, age or status, and seeking to help them become true followers of Jesus.

Relationships, Marriage and Family Life

These are the fundamental building blocks of community life, and the Bible is very clear about these things.

We place a high value on Family, Christian parenting, and Marriage.

Biblical marriage is exclusively between a man and a woman and is a commitment for life.


Bible College and theology courses are extremely helpful, but Biblical leadership is recognised by God’s anointing on people of obvious good character.

We aim to develop all people by teaching, training and discipleship, and seek to bring them to Christian maturity and leadership of others, in many spheres of church life.

Some men will become Elders, Church planters, or Apostles in the future.

Prayer and Worship

This is the life-blood of our relationship with God, and should be a regular part of our individual and corporate life together.

We are devoted to private and public prayer, and are passionate about worshipping God.


This is a response to what God, in Christ has done for us.

We aim to be very generous in giving money, resources and time to God’s work and the needs of others. Strong in understanding and living out the Grace of God.


Reaching out to those who do not know God, through small groups, personal witness and larger meetings. Bringing people to a genuine conversion experience and baptising believers by immersion in water.

We aim to care for each other, and also reach out to others with the good news about Jesus, in our own community and further afield.


Committed to promoting Christian values in society and the local community. Caring for those in need by expressing love in practical ways.

We aim to be involved in a variety of community based projects and activities, locally and globally.