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King’s Church, Upminster is a Charismatic Evangelical Christian church. It’s part of a group of churches who share the same vision and values and is affiliated to the ‘Newfrontiers’ worldwide family of churches.


We meet as the whole church family together on Sundays, and during the week in smaller home groups, in a range of differing activities.

We meet at Gaynes School, Brackendale Gardens, Upminster, RM14 3UX, 10.30am. (Map)

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Our History

In September 2002, about 25 adults & children were sent out from King’s Church, Brentwood to start a new church in Upminster.

Most of these people had lived in or near Upminster for a number of years. The church has grown steadily by people becoming Christians, attending courses, moving into the area, or transferring from other churches.

King’s Church is self-governing and linked to the Newfrontiers international family of churches.

We have a passionate commitment to building strong Churches along New Testament principles, where the Gifts of the Spirit are encouraged, where people care for one another, where we can make a difference in our society and reach those in need.

Since September 2002, we have been meeting in Gaynes School, with whom we have an excellent relationship.

We have a heart for the poor, and are committed to bringing relief where possible, having links with several local and overseas relief agencies.

We have very strong links within the local community in Upminster and actively work closely with other local churches and organisations.

Our Vision

“To be a Spirit-filled people seeking to fulfil Jesus' commission to us, and to demonstrate His love”

To achieve this we aim:

•  To share the good news of Jesus Christ with thousands of people in the area.

•  To welcome hundreds of members into the church family, comprising all generations, nationalities, backgrounds and cultures.

•  To develop people into spiritual maturity, living out a life full of worship to the risen Lord Jesus.

•  To be a place of welcome, where the disadvantaged can find love, acceptance, hope, forgiveness, guidance encouragement and purpose.



Why Join KCU?

People come to us when:

They want to investigate the real Jesus Christ, and are interested in becoming a Christian

They have moved into the area, and are hoping to join a local church

They have drifted away from another church, and want to return to active involvement

They want their families to grow up with Christian values

Our Leadership Team

Our Lead Elder is currently Paul Thompson and he is supported by the general leadership team.

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